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Tga issues recall for antibacterial mouthwash

Tga issues recall for antibacterial mouthwash

A Chicago man says he has received a recall notice for the antibacterial mouthwash he used at work.

John K. Lewis reports.

Samples of Mr. Lewis’s product were tested Wednesday for potentially dangerous bacteria and마사지 후기 were found to contain Salmonella.

Mr. Lewis told WBEZ-TV that he received the recall notice from a woman with whom he works at McDonald’s restaurant in Lakeview.

On the notice, the manufacturer w평택출장안마rote the following: “To further address your concerns over the antimicrobial properties of the “Mocha” product, we have determined that approximately 100 cases have been reported.”

The manufacturer then went on to say that all of the affected products are “not authorized for use in consumer products.”

That’s because it’s not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for public use.

If you are using Mr. Lewis’s antimicrobial mouthwash, you should be aware that there are some bacteria in the product that are not approved for food use.

“As we know, there are other products out there now that are also safe to eat, just like this,” Mr. Lewis said.

The FDA released a statement Thursday morning, asking the public to report any cases where Salmonella may be found in mouthwash.

According to the FDA, it is a dangerous bacteria that causes illness, particularly diarrhea and vomiting.

To avoid contact with the potentially infectious bacterial agent, you should wash your mouth three times a day using an antibacterial mouthwash.

Dr. David Mennell, a physician at Stroger Health System in Chicago said the agency will issue a warning for the products and that they will be recalled.

“If you feel tha카지노t you or someone in your family is experiencing a reaction, especially if it’s a serious reaction, this is a problem you must address immediately,” Mr. Mennell said.

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