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Jason hosemans wins south west ward by election

Jason hosemans wins south west ward by election

A south east Queensland council candidate is winning the seat of Groom by election after winning the first-ever race for South West Brisbane byelection at the general election.

Hosemans, 48, a former councilor, lost out to local Labour party member Mike Wile in a closely contested byelection.

“It is the final straw for me,” Hosemans told AAP. “The South West has voted for us to represent it in government and I haven’t been elected. I feel betrayed by the council and the NSW State Labor Party.”

He added: “The Labor Party hasn’t taken their place in Parliament and they have no respect for local democracy. They h천안안마ave never been able to represent us properly.

“When they want to take over the council to represent their political interests, they will continue to vote for NSW Labor and give NSW Labor a council seat.”

The contest to elect a Labor majority on South West Brisbane council came as voters backed a rise in taxes to make the suburb more attractive to business as voters pushed for stronger government in NSW.

In the June 7 election, the council lost the seat of Lokey to opposition candidate Michael Rix, then returned it back to the party. The Lokey ward has an electorate size of just 1.7 square kilometres.

Wile’s winning margin was less than half of the 1.3-square-kilometre lead he had in the 2010 byelection. Hosemans has been a councilor for three terms.

The Greens have promised to put pressure on the party in the campaign, saying the incumbent Labor candidate did not meet the required performance standards in his positio로투스 홀짝n.

Hosemans, who has run a small business since retiring as a councilor in 2009, said he was honoured to lose his seat, as part of the council’s fight for good government.

“In South West Brisbane, we are winning again and we’re going to make good progress,” h제주출장마사지e said.

“What’s needed is a strong Labor government, and a strong Greens government, that will be focused on delivering value for our community.”

Council for a Strong West council leader, Bill Gormley, said Hosemans’ result was significant as the council will make a strong commitment to supporting his proposal to increase council tax to pay for housing and community projects, including the construction of a community home for patients with physical disabilities.

“Mike is a really good councilor and h

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