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Cash still king cheques get bounced by the bank

Cash still king cheques get bounced by the bank; so do payments over $5,000; and most cheques are bounced.

Most of us can’t afford to send in a cheque for a $20 bill, but that doesn’t stop a bank from issuing it to a customer; this time, however, you’ll receive a cashier’s check instead. “I’ll also take a call in case the cheque is a sham. I can get a refund or deposit directly into my bank account. In other words, they won’t see any money in my account,” says Peter MacKay, president of MacKay’s Receiving Ce오바마카지노ntre, in Kitchener.

“We’re not the kind of bank that goes straight to the customer,” MacKay adds. “People have to pay them. That’s what’s required. A bank doesn’t go straight to the customer and tell them to send in a cheque.”

A bank should only send cheques to the person with the largest balance, says Ian Regan, vice-president of customer care at Westcott-Wesley Bank in Toronto. “It’s impo점보카지노rtant to put the cheque in to someone with the credit limit for the bank,” he says.

It’s all about the cost of living in Canada, says Tim Wilson, co-owner of MacKintosh Savings Bank in Kingston, ON.

호 게임“A Canadian bank doesn’t just send money to people. They send cheques to anyone and everyone, including their closest bank or cashier. There’s no point just sending cheques to pay bills and then sending cash to one of your bank’s branches. That won’t go through the system,” Wilson says.

Wilson says the amount of money is not the concern. “You’re sending it to the person who really needs it and that is your local bank, not your bank in another country. If you want to send money to someone who’s not your bank, a bank should go directly to the person.”

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