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Slipknot bassist died of overdose last year

Slipknot bassist died of overdo더킹카지노se last year

It has been reported that Slipknot drummer Jason Isbell, 27, died yesterday (October 17) at a Detroit hospital from an accidental accidental overdose, The Huffington Post reports. His death came a week after Isbell’s wife, Heather, told music website NME that her husband’s death was tragic due to his long and grueling touring schedule.

A rep for Slipknot confirmed the guitarist’s death to the website. “Our hearts go out to his family at this difficult time. Please hold tight to the light when facing pain,” the rep said in a statement.

The news comes at a critical time for Isbell, who had recently begun touring as Slipknot’s headliner. It was in March that guitarist Matt Weimer, who previously played drums fo바카라r Slipknot and previously headlined bands like Iron Maiden and Rage Against the Machine, released a post on Facebook saying that he “cannot believe that this is happening to Jason.”

“It sucks that Jason died, and his spirit will never go out on stage,” Weimer wrote. “I will always remember what a special dude he was, a dude who loved music and sharing his experiences with it… and was truly a pleasure to work with. RIP Jason.”

The death of Jason Isbell comes just days after a close friend and bandmate of the guitarist and Weimer sent out a series of angry messages to his fans on Twitter and on Instagram in support of Jason.

On Friday, Slipknot posted this message via우리카지노 their Facebook page: “We would like to let Jason’s family know we are in touch with the medical department of the Medical Center of Wayne, where he was taken and will continue to be monitored and treated.”

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